My Journey to Jesus School (Part 2)

Greetings and blessings to you all! Once again thank you to my followers for joining in with me in this journey. I ask for your continual prayers. As you have read that my faith is being stretched. Or we could say it this way, I am growing in the Lord. I sure do feel the growing pains sometimes. It takes me back in memory when I went from the 7th to 8th grade. I remember it like it was yesterday, being that I like football and I was on the football team. I grew 13 inches in one year and gained 105 lbs in that same year. My legs sure did ache.

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However, I am learning to trust God more. If I am going to believe Him to fill stadiums with souls, I probally should start with believing Him for something that seems smaller, like my tuition. So a brief update, I had to get my car towed and it is in the shop getting worked on. I have to have $660 to get it out. I still have to find a place to stay in Florida to attend school. There are currently 3 possibilities that I know of right now for a place to rent. As far as my book reports, I still have to right both of them. Good thing is I have finished reading the first book, and have started reading the second book. As far as my tuition goes, I only have $325 deposited on it. I have to have $1,950 deposited by or on August 30th to start school. My tuition is $4,000 and I have to believe God for all of it. So I would ask you to pray and consider donating if the Lord leads you. For those of you who do not know I was once paralyzed and am still believing for a complete healing from God. Yet I am very thankful for the mobility I have, and that I can walk again. So my income has been limited. I believe God is our Provider and I believe that He will provide the money for the tuition. So stay tuned for the praise reports.

The church did do a car wash to help out, there was $152 raised. The money that they raised will be donated to help get car out of shop.

I thank you all that are praying for me! I am also very grateful to those whom have gave, and plan on giving!

*I want to give you an opportunity to help me meet my deadline for my tuition for Jesus School. I have to have $2,000 of my $3,950 tuition by August 30th to start. If you would like to be a blessing and feel led to donate, here is the link to pay directly on my tuition (currently have only $325 paid on it):

Remember to smile God loves you!
I praise God for what He has already done! And He will get the glory for what He will do!

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