My Journey to Jesus School

Welcome to My Journey to Jesus School! With the help of God I will be writing My Journey through Jesus School for the next 9 months or more, being I enroll in the following year as well.

I wrote a article the other day titled Meet the Deadline. Meaning I have a deadline to meet a minimum of approxiametly $2000 down payment on my tuition by August 30th. I will post that article below this paragraph and then furhter down begin to get in more details of how this faith walk started, and how it is progressing. One thing I can tell you is that God is stretching my faith. With 14 days to go and still so much to accomplish, it has definetly been a stretching. Here is the previous article:

Greetings and blessings to you! “MEET THE DEADLINE!”

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I would first like to say thank you to all of my followers! I am starting a new journey as I enter the next season of my life. So I will be able to post more articles. I am starting an article of my journey to Jesus School and updates along the way once I get started as well.

Part of my journey is standing in faith and believing God for what seems impossible at the moment. I choose to beliefe that all things are possible!

As I was spending time in worship I believe the LORD has led me to fill out the application for this school. I believe God was pulling on me to go back to school. So as I was worshipping before the LORD I followed what I believe to be the leading of the Holy Spirit to file. So I did and days went by, but to make a longer story short lets just say that I was accepted.

So in this step of faith there also comes with it a deadline. Let’s first state that I will have to move across the country. Second I have to get my car fixed. 3rd I have to read 2 books and write a report on them by the first day of school. 4th I have to find an apartment or a room to rent. 5th my tuition is $3,950 and I have to come up with $2,000 by August 30th. Yes August 30th is the deadline and the first day of school.

So I reached out to friends and started a fundraiser on Facebook so far $14 has been donated to it. I was also asked to make a GoFundMe page so I have and it now currently says $15 has been donated. By the way the GoFundMe Link is:
That is a total of $29 dollars that can be applied towards my school when made avaliable. I am so thankful for the ones whom have gave so far and I am praying others would pray and consider helping me reach my goal by the deadline. And now my school has made available a link that when clicked on it goes to my school and to my tuition, where you can select the amount and make a donation. I believe it is currently at $67.

So as I stand in faith trusting God, I will also use wisdom and ask if theres anyone that can help me pay my donation, that they would consider doing so. I said yes to Jesus. I want to have more of God, a closer relationship with Him. I want to be better equipped to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is so a desire of my heart! Will you say yes to helping me?

To anyone who does not know much about me, I will list a couple details.
!. I want to be radically in love with Jeusus! The bible says to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind.
2. I am a minister of GOD who wants to preach the Good News of Jesus. Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved.
3. I had a back surgery which paralyzed me. I have received much healing and can walk, yet I am very limited in what I can do. I am believing for a complete healing where I can get off disability (So my income is very limited).
4. My car I believe has a hole in the gas tank or gas lines. On the way back from store all the gas leaked out. So I have to get it towed and fixed (requiring more income).
5. Have to move to Florida and find an apartment or room to rent (let’s not forget they want a deposit down as well).

So join me in this journey of falling in love with Jesus all over again, and in a greater depth of love. Read how I will sit at the feet of Jesus and spend time in His presence (in prayer, worshiop, etc..) building a relationship and learning of Him. And don’t forget to donate towards my tuition so I can meet my deadline. Thank you!

Click here to donate on school link for Waiters Briley tuition

So now that you have read Meet the Deadline, let’s catch you up to speed. First of all I praise God that I now have $325 total deposited on my tuition. $3950 minus $325 leaves equals $3,625 still to go. Thankfully to start school on August 30th I only need 50% which is $1,975. So let’s do our math one more time: $1,975-$325= $1,650 of tuition that must still be raised. So yes, with less than 14 days left this is a faith walk!

Good new is that I was able to set up a car wash at Auto Zone in South Hill, Virginia through (church) or sponsored by Living Word Bread of Life Ministries. Where they will be donating the funds raised towards my tuition to go to school for ministy. What a blessing! God works in mysterious ways! So let’s pray and believe people will come on out and donate to not only a good cause, but a God cause! And if you happen to be reading this and live close enough, come on out and get your car washed.

Stay tuned for details regarding the car wash soon. Also I want to get into more details of what made me take this leap of faith! How God has blessed me in the walk so far. How I have met some amazing people through a closed Facebook group for the school. How speaking with people at the school has already brought healing, faith, joy, etc…

It has been an stretching yes, but also exciting in expectation of what God will do next!!!

I ask you to pray for me on this journey. I also ask if you would consider pray and ask God what He would have you to donate if you felt led. Blessings!

Yours truly,
Waiters Briley

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