Meet the Deadline!

Greetings and blessings to you!

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I would first like to say thank you to all of my followers! I am starting a new journey as I enter the next season of my life. So I will be able to post more articles. I am starting an article of my journey to Jesus School and updates along the way once I get started as well.

Part of my journey is standing in faith and believing God for what seems impossible at the moment. I choose to beliefe that all things are possible!

As I was spending time in worship I believe the LORD has led me to fill out the application for this school. I believe God was pulling on me to go back to school. So as I was worshipping before the LORD I followed what I believe to be the leading of the Holy Spirit to file. So I did and days went by, but to make a longer story short lets just say that I was accepted.

So in this step of faith there also comes with it a deadline. Let’s first state that I will have to move across the country. Second I have to get my car fixed. 3rd I have to read 2 books and write a report on them by the first day of school. 4th I have to find an apartment or a room to rent. 5th my tuition is $3,950 and I have to come up with $2,000 by August 30th. Yes August 30th is the deadline and the first day of school.

So I reached out to friends and started a fundraiser on Facebook so far $14 has been donated to it. I was also asked to make a GoFundMe page so I have and it now currently says $15 has been donated. By the way the GoFundMe Link is:
That is a total of $29 dollars that can be applied towards my school when made avaliable. I am so thankful for the ones whom have gave so far and I am praying others would pray and consider helping me reach my goal by the deadline. And now my school has made available a link that when clicked on it goes to my school and to my tuition, where you can select the amount and make a donation. I believe it is currently at $67.

So as I stand in faith trusting God, I will also use wisdom and ask if theres anyone that can help me pay my donation, that they would consider doing so. I said yes to Jesus. I want to have more of God, a closer relationship with Him. I want to be better equipped to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is so a desire of my heart! Will you say yes to helping me?

To anyone who does not know much about me, I will list a couple details.
!. I want to be radically in love with Jeusus! The bible says to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind.
2. I am a minister of GOD who wants to preach the Good News of Jesus. Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved.
3. I had a back surgery which paralyzed me. I have received much healing and can walk, yet I am very limited in what I can do. I am believing for a complete healing where I can get off disability (So my income is very limited).
4. My car I believe has a hole in the gas tank or gas lines. On the way back from store all the gas leaked out. So I have to get it towed and fixed (requiring more income).
5. Have to move to Florida and find an apartment or room to rent (let’s not forget they want a deposit down as well).

So join me in this journey of falling in love with Jesus all over again, and in a greater depth of love. Read how I will sit at the feet of Jesus and spend time in His presence (in prayer, worshiop, etc..) building a relationship and learning of Him. And don’t forget to donate towards my tuition so I can meet my deadline. Thank you!

Click here to donate on school link for Waiters Briley tuition

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