How Was Your Valentine’s Day?

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How was your Valentine’s Day?

My day started out as usual, I wake up and I spend time with the Lord. As I said, “good morning Holy Spirit”, I was drawn quickly to the Word of God.

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If you don’t know, I speak Monday through Friday in a group on Facebook called “The Prophets Teaching Group” (Currently scheduled 11:30am to Noon Est.). So as I was drawn to open my Bible I thought it would be a good idea to speak on the Book of Hosea. In case you do not know much about Hosea, I will give you a brief glimpse. Prophet Hosea was led by God to marry Gomer who was a harlot (prostitute). This is symbolic of the Jews taking on a spirit of prostitution, and Hosea was symbolic of God fot this story. Although Gomer, Hosea’s wife was unfaithful time after time, Hosea is called to love her unconditionally. This is a picture of God’s amazing love toward us. Hosea even had to go as far as to buy his wife back who was being sold.

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John 3:16 tells us, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” I am glad for this love God has showed us. I am thankful that Jesus gave His life so that we could live. At the “Cross” Jesus paid the price for our sins; because of this we are no longer slaves to sin. We have been redeemed! What a picture of love!

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Although I am single, as I read through the Book of Hosea I was reminded of the love God has for me. There is nothing greater than an intimate relationship with our God. It will be great to have a wife, but she will never be a substitute for the presence of God in my life!

I ended up speaking on the spirit of prostitution according to Hosea. We must remember that our God is a jealous God! He is jealous for us! He is a consuming fire!

If you do not know God, why not? To all my fellow believers out there, let’s remember to make God our first love! Let’s get back to a place of intimacy!

Remember to smile, God loves you!

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