Super Blood Moon (What is God Saying?)

full moon
Photo by Alex Fu on

Did any of you get a chance to check out the “Super Blood Moon” last night? I am in awe of God’s creation the more that I take the time to notice it. I believe the word would be awestruck.

So what is so significant about the “Super Blood Moon” last night? This is something I encourage you to pray about and ask God.

When you look through Scripture you will see that God uses these occasions for symbols of seasons. He also encourages us as believers that He will cause all things to work together for our good. So this is nothing to fret about. Whatever God is doing we want to be aligned with His plan. So I want to encourage you today to get before the Lord and ask Him what is it that He is doing in this season? How can I align with your plan God?

Declaration: Whatever you are doing in this season God I thank you that it will work out for my good. I will aligh with the plan of God for this season. I will have peace as we transition into this season Lord!

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