Proverb of the Day 7

Greetings and Blessings! Proverbs 7:1 (KJV) says, “My son, Keep my words, And lay up my commandments with thee.” *Keep- To take heed, observe, guard, protect, preserve, regard, save, attend, (watchmen). Prayer: Holy Father, we pray today that you will open up our spiritual ears. We want to hear what you are saying by your … More Proverb of the Day 7

Today’s Video

Greetings and blessings! Welcome to “Today’s Video”! This is where we post a video that either: we came across; or one that someone nominated. Let us know of a video that has encouraged or inspired you! Today’s Video that was nominated is titled “I Need You” featuring Joann Rosario. *We do not have rights to … More Today’s Video