A quick word of encouragement!

What is your perspective? Are your thoughts lining up with the WORD of God?

*A quick word of encouragement!

 I ask these questions today with a sincerity of heart. What is your perspective? How are you seeing things? I want to encourage you today to begin to believe that God’s promises are ‘Yes’ and ‘ Amen’! 

Why the pictures of closed doors? Well I don’t see closed doors anymore! Follow along, I want you to hear what I am saying, better yet said, would be what God is saying through me. As I was in my time of reading the Bible, meditating on what God is saying, worshipping, and praying I came to a still quiet place.  I believe I heard the Lord say ‘What do you see?’ (then a moment of silence). Then I hear I believe was, ‘No, open your eyes and what do you see?’. When I opened my eyes I saw the closet door and bedroom door and handles, and they were closed! All of a sudden as in a vision I could see all kinds of provisions (Things needed for my personal life and for ministry) on the other side of door.

I believe God would say to us today to change our perspectives, to change the way we see things! Let the way we see things line up with God’s WORD, with God’s promises that He has given unto us! Do you see a closed-door? Or do you see a door that has a handle, that will be opened, and the provisions you need will be there for you?! I encourage you to know today that God is a provider! Trust God and let Him work things out to His good will and purpose. You will not be disappointed if you put your faith in Him. I pray today that you will see God’s goodness, His promises, and that He is provider! May our perspectives line up with the Word of God in Jesus name!

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!

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