Are You Struggling In life?

Are You Fighting Battles?

If your answer is yes to this question, then I would encourage you to know that you are on the winning side… and/or to maybe get on the winning side!

*This article was originally ran sometime ago. It is being republished again in hopes that somebody will be encouraged, and experience victory today!

Maybe you are fighting battles in the area of depression, suicide, your finances, or maybe it’s spiritual! And so on…

The Word of God says, that the battle is the LORD’S! My emphasis today is that you would know that our GOD is Mighty! In Psalms 24 the author ask, Who is the King of Glory? He goes on to tells us that the King of Glory is Strong and Mighty, and that our GOD is MIGHTY in battle!

We know that we have the victory in our lives when, and as we apply the BLOOD of JESUS to it. I encourage you to let faith arise in those areas where you need victory, and your enemies will be scattered! Remember to spend time in the Word of God renewing your mind, and building up your faith! Spend time in the presence of God in prayer where there is peace, and where you will receive instructions!

JESUS defeated death, sin, and hell (the devil and his demons). He went to battle for you! JESUS came to set the captives free, to heal, to give life more abundantly, and to declare that this is the year of Jubilee! So allow God to be Mighty in your life today!

God wants to pour out His grace on you today. Only BELIEVE! Put your faith in GOD today and know that He is MIGHTY! Know that we are on the side of Victory!

GOD IS MIGHTY- Almighty, Captain, All Powerful, Champion, Chief, Warrior, Giant, Mastery, Might, Mightier, Majestic, Deity, Stronger, Life, Abundance, Exceedingly, Sufficient, Enough, Praise, Rank, Ages, Substance, Quality, Master, Plenty. To our enemies He is violent; to bind fast, to close, to shut, terrible. He is victoriously stronger than our enemies. God makes Powerful and numerous, etc… (I hope you understood the meaning here!)

Prayer– God we pray that we will be free from whatever that has held us captive. Help us to walk in victory today. Anything that is not of you LORD, be broken off our lives right now, in the name of JESUS! We are more than conquers in CHRIST JESUS! We believe in the ALMIGHTY GOD today, in JESUS name we pray, Amen!

How is God Mighty in your life?

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!!!

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