From My Heart, Thank You Lord! (Poem)

From My Heart, Thank You Lord! (FATHER SON HOLY GHOST)

From my heart to your heart I give you my love!

Awesome is the word I would use to describe you.

This time there is no turning back Lord, I give you my all!

Heaven is where I am going because you have chosen me.

Even when times get hard I know I can trust you!

Repenting, returning, and resting because you are my Redeemer and Restore!

Sunshines and storms you have held me through it all.

Omnipotent God, Lord you are the best.

Never have you given up on me!

Hallelujah for you are Holy!

Ontime is what you are God.

Laughter you give me when I am down so to you I will say…

Yes Lord to your will and your way.

Geniuses could not compare to your wisdom.

How creative you are in making me and this world.

Outside or inside, I see your glory everywhere!

Spending a little time reflecting on your splendor, just to say…

Thanks! Thank you LORD!

*This poem was written in a moment of despair, but somewhere in me there was hope. This poem, much like every poem I write is written to God (It was not for publishing, but I share this one in hopes someone will have the right heart attitude and give God praise in the midst of what they are going through).

Remember to Smile πŸ™‚ God loves you! #Poetic SundaysΒ 

6 thoughts on “From My Heart, Thank You Lord! (Poem)

  1. Absolutely Beautiful!! When I got to the praise line, “Laughter you give me when I am down so to you I will say…” the words brought a smile and a tear from me heart!! Yes, that is exactly what He does when we have been at our worst, down, and no hope in sight…then He comes just as your heart has written about!!! LOVE THIS!! Blessings and Praise His Most Holy Name, Jesus!!

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