“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;
    I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” (Psalm 9:1 NIV)

What part of your testimony will you share?

 Join me as we get into the testimony of my life, as well as the life of others! I encourage us all to be a witness to someone, you might just make an impact on their life. Your testimony might just bring hope to this world that sometimes seems hopeless!

I was in prayer last night and this morning, asking the Lord what He would have me to share. As many thoughts came forth all I could do is weep. The presence of the Lord was so sweet, so intimate, so amazing! Reflecting on the goodness of God, giving Him thanks…

Wow! (Even writing this I have to pause and worship God for His unfailing love!)

Alleluia! Glory to God in the Highest! Thank you Lord for your mercy and Grace! Thank you for never leaving me nor forsaking me! God you are worthy to be praised! Take over this post! Take over this blog! Take over my life and ministry! Lord I give you Glory and Honor! God from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same I will praise you! Thank you Lord for your presence!


What an intimate God we have! I thought I would be sharing about my childhood, but I believe God just wants me to encourage someone and let them know He loves ❤️ them!

My testimony this week is about the intimacy I have had with God in prayer! 

As I was in prayer I believe I heard the Lord say with a whisper,

“I love you my son.”

This may seem so little to you, but as we get into my testimony in the coming future you will discover the significance of these few words! I love you! There is a void in every human being, a longing for these words from our Father (God).


Will you get into the presence of God today? Will you tell the Lord thank you for all that He has done? Will you praise Him and give Him honor? Will you give God the glory He alone deserves? Or will you just simply come before Him broken? Or maybe just crying out for mercy? However you have to get there, I encourage you to get there!

In the time of intimacy in prayer with God I was able to worship Him. I was able to lay all my burdens down. I was able to let go of selfishness, and pray for others. I was, and you will be able to get to a place where you say, “not my will but your will be done God!” Attitudes and wrong thinking are adjusted in His presence. You can receive healing and deliverance as I did!

Once again I encourage you to spend more time with God. You will be able to face your day and future with peace, joy, and love. Even fear is broken off of you because of His love! You will find that your identity is in Christ as you spend time in His presence!


Lord we pray today, that we will spend time (or more time) in intimate communion and prayer with You God today, and each day!

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you! Feel free to share your testimony, see you next week!!!

Testimony #2

2 thoughts on “Intimacy?

  1. The presence of God is truly amazing.Some days, while in school, when I felt left out and not loved by people, I would crawl on my bed worshipping him crying out to him. His presence would come, surround me and I’ll weep- this time not because I’m sad but because I feel His Love all around.

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