Miracles In The Midday!

Greetings and blessings to you!

We want you to experience the miracles God has for you!

Do you believe God is still working miracles through His men and women of God today? Come and see what the LORD is doing!

Join us Monday through Friday between 11:30 am Eastern Time and Noon starting this Friday.

All you have to do is:

1.  Go to Facebook.

2.  Go to “The Prophets Teaching Group” and ask to join.

3.  Then join me daily Monday through Friday at 11:30am est. starting 10/27/17.

4.  Enjoy teachings from me, and others such as Apostle Darlene Sibley, and other Apostles, and Prophets, etc…

5.  Receive a Word from the Lord (Miracles, Salvation, Deliverance, Healing, Encouragement, Comfort, Reproof, etc…)

6.  Come back daily and grow in the Lord, in the prophetic, and your ministries.

Hope to see you all soon on “The Prophets Teaching Group” !

Miracles In The Midday (Come and receive what the Lord has for you!)

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!



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