Does Anyone Know What This Means! (Poetic Sundays)

What Could This Mean? (Poem)

“As we gathered as an assembly to pray,

Are we alone?

An angel with golden hair and blue robe began to play the golden harp!

More beautiful than any painting I had ever seen.

As we continued to communicate with God,

Was God speaking back?

Angels are now circling around the space above us!

This vision before me was as alive as you and me.

As I pressed in further and the weight of God’s glory began to rest on me,

If I was to tell this would anyone believe?

After a space of peace, and yet there’s another one and playing a trumpet triumphantly!

I am now mesmerized by my God speaking to me.

O LORD What Does This Mean?”

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!

12 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know What This Means! (Poetic Sundays)

  1. This is a “word” given to me today, I believe it is also for you: “Then You spoke in a vision to Your holy one, and said:” I have given help to one who is mighty.” Psalm 89:19. Be blessed oh mighty one in the Kingdom today!!

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