Lunch With The Holy Spirit! #39 (Abundant Life)


“I am come that they

might have life,

and that they might have

it more abundantly.”

(John 10:10b)

 Is your life at a standstill in some area? Or does it seem like everything is evolving all around you and you are stuck?

 If your answer might be yes, don’t worry, instead I exhort you to be encouraged. I have Good News for you!

 I believe God would say to you today…

Be still and know that He is God!” 

  God would have you to standstill and watch and see His goodness all around you. As you standstill, you can begin to see: God’s Beauty; His Glory; His Awesomeness; and His Abundant Life that He has for you. Then you will be able to give God thanks, praise, worship, honor, and Glory that belongs to Him! If you can be still now and know that He is God, how much more so when He advances you, promotes you, or gives you a breakthrough in an area where you were stuck!

Let God take you through the process and you will not be disappointed! The good news is, there is rest for your soul today! God has promised you not only life, but a more Abundant Life! The Lord does have a plan for you, and in His Word He says, He also has for you a hope, a future, and​ a expected end!

I can never over emphasize that God’s promises will always be Yes and Amen!

Today He would say to you, dry bones come alive! You shall walk in purpose and destiny! The curse and the chains of bondage are broken off of you in the Name of JESUS! You shall receive every blessing that is yours because of the Blood of JESUS! You are an heir and joint-heir with Christ! You are more than victorious! You shall walk in the fruits of the Spirit! You will operate in the gifts of the Spirit! You shall and will go forth!

Agree and believe today, it is so!

Remember to cast your burdens on God and leave them there. Get into His presence where there is joy, peace, and love!

Will you proclaim today to trust God, His process, and let Him take over the load you are carrying​? Trust and believe in Him today, and you will begin to live the Abundant Life that He has promised!!!

Check out this video titled “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” by Lauren Daigle.

In Jesus name, amen!

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!


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