Stumbling Into The Prophetic!

Have you ever just: stumbled across and/or into something; or away from something?
If we were all asked this question, I’m sure everyone’s answer would be the same. ‘Yes’! A couple of examples (of mine) could be:

  1. One day I was walking down the beach of a island as I just happened to look down there was $money laying there, with nobody around to claim it.
  2. We were on our way back from a funeral, riding on streets that were foreign to us, being in another state. We had programed the GPS and it took us the wrong route, it takes us a couple minutes to get back on the original route. As we are going​ along the road, a truck carrying long tree logs had covered the road both ways with tree logs. We would have been crushed, we believe, if the GPS wouldn’t of rerouted us a couple of minutes off track.
  3. I was going to witness​ in a neighborhood, and I believe the Lord had me to go to a entrance of a park, right where people cross the bridge. So this particular day I was standing there for a while witnessing, and then as time went on it got quite, nobody was crossing there. I said to God ‘If nobody comes in the next 15 minutes, I am gone!’ I went and sat on the bench and was waiting. All of a sudden this person who had already walked past on street without noticing me, turns backwards and sees me. This being said I somehow missed her to, and just happened to glance when she looked back. It was a Divine appointment, she walked up to me and we forgave each other for anything we might have done to each other in the past, some years earlier.

As you can see, I believe God had His hand in all these events. My hope is that you get at least a glimpse of God operating in our lives. This brings me to my point of this post, mentioning about stumbling across the prophetic!

How you say:

  1. Buttons on a dress shirt.
  2. A design on a t-shirt.
  3. Colorful walking shoes.

There was a spirit of deception over this particular church. The Lord brought it to my attention, I prayed and as the Pastor preached the Lord showed me that the spirit of deception was broken off. I released the Word later to the Pastor who then released it to the congregation. I walk up to my nephew who then said, nice square buttons (they were actually circle with a square design). So his eyes were being deceived. Now watch the video you are caught up to speed.

There is a video below I encourage you to watch by clicking on this link below that testifies of the first two.

The buttons were confirmation to the Word I released (stumbling across the prophetic). My nephew wearing this shirt on the right day (stumbling across the prophetic). The part that happened the next day of this video (or day of) was another family member wore these particular walking shoes to a ministers breakfast which was out of town. The man of God spoke about her shoes and into her life about walking with God/walking shoes. All these events were what I called Stumbling Across The Prophetic!

Don’t forget to check out the video if you are yet to do so! Maybe you can leave a comment to encourage my nephew (maybe even follow him if you like on YouTube). He is a excellent young man who: is growing in the Lord; who has a calling on his life; and who is serving the Lord!

Are these things happening for a reason? What is happening in your life, and how can you see God speaking in the midst of it?

*Note- Sometimes we need to look at the reasons behind the things happening in our lives. God is trying to communicate with you, the question is are you listening!

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!!!

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