Lunch With The Holy Spirit!

I believe the Lord would say to you today…


“Thou wast slain,

And hast redeemed us

To God by thy Blood.”

(Revelation 5:9)

Ā  There is a shifting in the atmosphere! I am calling the Body of Christ to join in with the praise for the reconciliation that the power of the Blood of Jesus has accomplished!


My God! My God how awesome are you! Thank you for the Blood of Jesus. Thank you for calling us to remembrance. Thank you that our sins are blotted out. Thank you for the authority we have through the Blood! Thank you for the healing, salvation, and deliverance that comes because of the Blood! Thank you for the restoration that comes because of the Blood of JESUS! Thank you God that it is not in our works, but faith in the Blood that was shed at Calvary! Thank you for love! Father we pray that the Church lifts up the name of JESUS! We pray for restitution of applying the Blood to our lives and ministries. All glory belongs to you God! We pray for all strongholds to be broken off of people so they will no longer operate in error. We apply the blood to the families to everyone reading this, and we are believing for breakthroughs in every area of bondage.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Remember to Smile šŸ™‚ God loves you!!!


One thought on “Lunch With The Holy Spirit!

  1. Good prayer.

    There is power and life and regeneration in the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit knew this from the foundation of the world. This is why the goal was to get Jesus to the cross. This is why Jesus had divine humility…not outwardly displaying His divine nature but humbled Himself in a human body. This is why Jesus did not get involved in local and current issues…to avoid being rejected for the wrong reasons. This is why Jesus Christ…Who changed the world…was in the lowly social position to be crucified…a remarkable spiritual engineering feat…because God knew the blood of Jesus had the power and life to cleanse from sin and create new people with new hearts…”in Christ.”


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