“Break Every Chain” (You can be set free today)

Did you know that every chain can be broken off your life?

  If you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then satan has no legal right over you. In the New Covenant (A New Contract, A Eternal Covenant) which is a Eternal contract between us and God – The contract is signed with the Name of JESUS by the Blood of JESUS! The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all of our sins. So we are heirs and joint-heirs with Christ. We are sons/daughters of God. We can come to the throne of grace boldly! And when we call on the Name of JESUS satan and all his demons have to flee! We are of the Kingdom of God once we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord! So by the promises of God’s Kingdom we believe and stand in agreement with the WORD of GOD! The Lord is our Advocate so we are found not guilty in the sight of the Father, therefore satan every attack against our lives be broken off and be void in the Name of JESUS!

  Whether it is a attack of the enemy, your thoughts, your own lust, or fear, depression, finances, etc.. you can be free today because of the Power in the Blood and Name of Jesus! Apply it to your life today! Shake off those old mindsets today. Walk out of those chains today! Know who you are in Christ and that He that is in you is abundantly more than anything​in this world. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!

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