Poetic Sundays 1 (Poem)


*Greetings and blessings to you! We hope you enjoy this poem that has the Gospel message in it. It was originally shared on Mother’s Day yet I’m sure it’s still to be inspiring to you! 🙂


On this Mother’s Day 14th of May I’m thinking my mother for teaching me that JESUS is the Way!                            You see I know the Way because I asked JESUS in my heart.                                  The Bible says to teach a child young so when their old they want depart!         By His grace I’m standing here not having kept all the law.                      JESUS did fulfill it so I stand here in reverential awe!                                       My mom taught me that God is awesome and about the love He has for me.                                                             She said to keep your eyes on JESUS and you’ll turn out to be the man your supposed to be!                                          So I am lost for words, astonished, awestruck, wonderstuck, amazed.        As I point to JESUS who died for me and 3 days later was raised!                         You see a mother would rescue a child up if they were in danger or fear.      God showed me this love by sending His Son to the cross, as I remember this with a tear!                                                    I shed a tear because the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.           My mom taught me that God wishes none would perish but we all be made new!                                                         That our God is awesome, our God is love.                                                           And He wants to send His Holy Spirit to rest on you like a dove!                            So stop unbelief, condemnation, and listening to the devil he is a liar.         God will never leave you, but empower you with Holy Ghost Fire!                 JESUS was nailed as in a bondservant so we could be set free.   So listen to momma/the voice within her (JESUS) saying ‘GO tell the world this is the year of Jubilee!!!

(Dedicated to Pastor Darlene Sibley)


Remember to Smile 🙂 God loves you!


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